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Our Philosophy

The natural and organic cosmetic line by Organicals is the result of our passion for the environment and beauty, embracing the harmonious blend of nature's bounty and cutting-edge technologies. Each product we create is formulated with a deep respect for all living things. The plants and flowers that allow the creation of professional and high quality Italian hair and body products. Buying our products means not only indulging in moments of relaxation, but also living an authentic experience of high quality cosmetics at home.

What do we use?

Our cosmetics contain minimally processed natural ingredients. Thanks to cutting-edge methods developed in our laboratories, we extract the maximum potential from active principles to create lines based on authentic concentrates of nature to serve your beauty.

How do we use it?

In the Organic Laboratories, technology serves nature. Our cosmetologists focus on innovative methods that do not harm what the plant world has to offer. Each formula is designed to maximise efficacy while respecting the beauty of nature.

Why Organic?

Formulating an organic line of cosmetics means developing an ethical line of cosmetics.For us, organic is a constant commitment to create products that respect the ecosystem and minimise environmental impact.

How do we test?

Every test we conduct is first and foremost respectful of all living creatures. Organic products are cruelty free, ensuring the best for you and the world. Our philosophy is based on a commitment to sustainability and responsible beauty.


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